Cocos2d-x – C++ development on multi-platforms.


For a developer, being able to develop one code base for all platforms is the best way to capture the largest market for their application.

Two SDK’s will let the developer accomplish this. The first one is Cocos2d-x, take a look at their website  This is a multi-platform, light weight and developer friendly C++ 2D mobile game engine, open source and released under MIT License.  It is spawned off of the famous “cocos2d-iphone” project and will be kept in sync with it.

The platforms supported are Win32, Android, iPhone, Wophone, QNX, Bada and Marmalade SDK.

What is great about cocos2d is that there are many tutorials and examples.  The only downside now is that most of them are in Objective-C for the iPhone.

Some of these tutorials can be found at the following links:

From the original cocos2d iphone project:

Ray Wenderlich has some very detailed tutorials:

There are also many books:

In the next few installments, this blog will post several of these tutorials and examples rewritten in C++ to help others get started with cocos2d-x.

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